Not all who wander…


Every time I add up my annual mileage for tax purposes, I think: “Darn, lady. You’re on the road a lot.”

My 2012 included approximately 8500 road miles, the vast majority of which were within the state of Oregon.

Last September I noted that I’d hit 23 of Oregon’s 36 counties during the summer alone. If you count my whole book tour: 30/36. Between September and December, I added two more counties to the list.

There’s a reason I don’t really notice the heft of the miles as I’m racking them up.


This state rocks and I love exploring it for any reason I can come up with.

Book touring “Day Trips From Portland” and “Chance of Sun” have been excellent reasons, as is my gig as an ambassador for Ask Oregon.

I also suddenly understand why I’ve been feeling so restless. Just positively jumping out of my skin, in fact. I haven’t been out of town since the beginning of 2013. Unless you count Prineville.

Road trip, anyone?


Future Risk-takers, Unite!


The other night after some Central Oregon brewery suppertime fun, I pulled out of my downtown diagonal parking spot and proceeded to circle the block to head for home.

Chicken Little: That was crazy, Mom! Why did you go all the way around the block instead of just turn around back there?

Me: Because it’s illegal. You can’t back up and turn around in the street like that.

Chicken Little: Well, what would happen if you did?

Me: If I got caught by a policeman, I’d get in trouble. I’d get a ticket.

Chicken Little: (scoffs) Police aren’t everywhere, Mom. They can’t be all places at once. Next time just do it!

Next, one to do the laundry



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