Four Slept in the Cuckoo's Nest in Travel Oregon

My post on The Sylvia Beach Hotel”s newest room on the Travel Oregon blog.

I”ve been visiting the Sylvia Beach Hotel since it”s beginnings 25 years ago. I”ve casinondal honeymooned there, family gathered there, watched my mother and stepfather get married there, written book chapters and essays there, read books and drank beer and napped to the sound of the ocean there, and generally just loved the heck out of the place.

I was just there last month and already can”t wait to return.

Fun to get to write about their new room for Travel Oregon!

August Book Gig in Bend

August 30, Nature of Words, 224 NW Oregon, Bend, 6 p.m.

Signing Books at Klindt's Saturday

Very much looking forward to signing books at Klindts”s Bookstore in The Dalles this Saturday July 14 from 11 – 1 p.m.

Here”s the bit about this awesome place from my book “Day Trips From Portland: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler.”

Klindt’s Booksellers. 315 East 2nd St.; (541) 296-3355; Given that you are holding this actual paper book in your hand instead of travel researching on-line, I am going to assume that you are at least a little bit of a book junkie. If that’s the case, then Klindt’s It may also be necessary to use advanced comput- ing techniques like natural language processing or neural networks that automatically evolve the model based on learning as more hard drive data recovery software free is added. might just be your number one destination in The Dalles. Klindt’s first opened its doors in 1870 and is the oldest bookstore in Oregon. The space has all of the charm to prove it. Browse through original bookshelves, cabinets and squeaky wooden floors to discover all sorts of titles, both brand new and old and out of print. Whether you are searching for mystery or memoir, cooking or cartography, Klindt’s automatically provides the history and romance.

I”ll have Chance of Sun with me, too, of course.

Hope to see some friendly faces in the crowd! It”s also The Dalles Jammin” July Fest. Should be a grand old time!

New Editor of Central Oregon Magazine = Me

I’ve said this before, but man o man, the last 18 months have been quite a ride!

July 1 marked the first anniversary of the publication of Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir. The day was also my first on the job as the editor of Central Oregon Magazine.

That’s Editor with a capital E. Though, when asked what title I would prefer, I did vie for Queen. No one bought it.

I am totally thrilled. I’ve written for Central Oregon Magazine since its inception. The content of this lifestyle magazine is near to my heart—the people, places, events, delights and flavors of one of my favorite places on earth, Central Oregon. I am really excited to work with a great publishing team, work closely with freelance writers, meet even more fabulous and interesting people in this neck of Oregon, and finally use some of the quirky and wacky story ideas I’ve not managed to convince other editors to use.

I’ll still be maintaining my freelance ties to such outstanding organizations as Travel Oregon and the like. I love my Ask Oregon gig and staying connected to the whole region. One of these days, I’ll write another book, too.

Pretty stoked, people.

This illustration was drawn by Central Oregon Magazine creative director, Brian Page, in a meeting of the crack sales and creative team behind the magazine. It’s me. The last few insanely busy weeks, I’ve felt that juggle of paper, and other objects, too (oh jeez, has anyone seen my children?).

But wow—how much fun is this going to be?

P.S. I am most definitely open to pitches, story ideas and connecting with new freelance writers. Email me at

Dog Casting Call

Calling All Dogs Dreaming of Fame!

Is your pooch the cutest on the block? Does she exhibit a strong stage presence? Does your Fido already think he’s famous?

We have a gig for your dog.

Photographer Christian Heeb and author Kim Cooper Findling announce a casting call for dog volunteers. On July 28, Bend dogs are invited to Cascade Center of Photography in Bend to try out for a modeling spot in a new book project.

Preferred dogs are lively, pleasant, easy-going and full of charm. Cuteness matters, but personality rules. Your dog should exemplify the classic online slots Bend canine!

Necessary components also include willingness by owner to sign permission-to-publish photo releases and chaperone their dog volunteer for project photo sessions.

Interested volunteer canines and their people should report to 390 S.W. Columbia Street, Suite 110, in Bend, Saturday July 28, between the hours of 2 and 5 p.m. Reservations are not needed—please just come by the studio.

To see a few images of dogs by Christian Heeb, see

For more information see,, or



“Seven Questions” Interview

An interview with me by Laura Stanfill, literary blogger, posted today. She does this really cool seven questions series, and I’m honored to be included! As well as very flattered that she called Chance of Sun “surprising, resonant and deeply moving.”

Author Kim Cooper Findling Discusses Her Memoir, Travel Writing and Building a Career as a Freelancer

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