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My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament

The sad thing is, I’ve had it for 15 years and nothing has changed.

“Chance of Sun” in the Source Weekly and a reading at Deschutes Public Library


An Oregon Tale: Local author Kim Cooper Findling gets personal with her state and her past in her new book, in the Source Weekly.

Thank you, Mike Bookey – I’ll always worship you for comparing me to David Sedaris.

I’m reading at Deschutes Public Library this Sunday December 11 at 2 p.m. Hope to see you there!

I Need A Wife

Wife For Hire

Duties include:

Finding more outfits for Chicken Noodle, who has announced she will only wear red until January.

Composting the pumpkins that are still on the front porch.

Scraping art clay off the woodwork from last summer’s sculpting project.

Managing the situation when Chicken Noodle decides she”s the shark and her little sister is Brittany Hamilton.

Christmas shopping.

Painting over the crayon on the wall.

Redecorating the Christmas tree that the chickens already decorated.

Vacuuming the uncooked oatmeal out of the heater vent in the kitchen.

Addressing 125 Christmas cards.

Shopping for a disco ball for New Year’s For a woman it?s difficult to put into life casino online her romantic dream and secret ambition: to find a man that will raise her to the throne she has the right to be. Eve.

Going to couples’ therapy with Captain Daddy.

Locating a costume for Chicken Little’s ballet recital this weekend.

Recycling pounds of kid art without any kids noticing.

Writing a novel. (OK, fine. I’ll do that one.)

Start date: Immediately.

Hours: Endless.

Pay Rate: I’ll pour you a glass of wine.

Applicants: Show up at my front door, you”re hired.

My Favorite Moment From My Book Touring Weekend


Old crusty guy approaches me in a bar. “Mind if I sit down?”

I agree. He pulls up a stool, creakily climbs aboard. Small talk ensues.

“How long have you lived in Newport?” I ask.

“Well, 15 years,” old crusty guy replies. “But the first seven years I was a wino. I wasn’t really here. So I’ve actually only lived here eight years.”

Right there with you, dude.


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