BendFilm 2011 in Quotes


BendFilm 2011 was amazing! As always, an incredible opportunity to meet and talk with creative people, connect with the community of Bend, see incredible films and have one heck of a good time.


Here are a few quotes from filmmakers and industry pros that I jotted down over the course of the weekend. I always find these folks to be inspirational and stimulating. Maybe it’s not too late for me to become a filmmaker…or at least a film writer…just so I can hang with this crowd more often.


On Inspiration


James Westby, Writer/Director of “Rid of Me” (winner: Best of the Northwest)

“My script came out of my own experiences going to my ex-wife’s friends’ houses on weekends and sitting in the corner playing with the dog.”


Chel White, Writer/Director of “Bucksville”

“The kernel came from a dream I had about a young man who was part of this secret society that conducted vigilante killings, who then learned he was on trial for his own life.”


Chris Brown, Writer/Director of “Fanny, Annie and Danny” (winner: Best Screenplay, Narrative)

“These characters just kept appearing in my mind. They wouldn’t casino go away, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. And then I realized they were mother and daughter, and it just grew from there.”


Michael Knowles, Writer/Director of “East Fifth Bliss”

“What I am interested in is trying to find balance in life. I hope that by exploring this through fictional characters I might learn something about how to do it myself.”


On Structure


Dana Harris, Juror and Editor of IndieWire

“There have to be some bones to the house. You just don’t want anyone to see them.”


Chel White, Writer/Director of “Bucksville”

“Learn the rules before you break them”


On Craft


Michael Knowles, Writer/Director of “East Fifth Bliss”

“What I learned about myself was that I was trying to tell stories that showed people how smart I was. People don’t like that. I learned to just express myself in stories and share how I feel about life.”


Laura McGie, Writer of “Bucksville”

“I didn’t really believe this at first, but it really takes three to five scripts to hit your stride.”


On Dialogue

Dana Harris, Juror and Editor of IndieWire

“In our daily lives as we talk to each other, almost everything is communicated in subtext.”


Lisa Roberston, Writer/Director of “Commerce”

“People told me my script was too subtle, but I knew there was dialogue I didn’t need to use because of what I would get in performance.”


On Measuring Success

Sara Terry, Director of “Fambul Tok”

“I want to launch conversations. If I do that, then I’ve succeeded.”


Grant Baldwin, Writer/Director of “The Clean Bin Project” (winner: Best Conservation film)

“To us, success is if people watch our film go home and change their behavior.”


Thanks to everyone who made BendFilm 2011 so amazing. See you next year!


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