Chance of Sun, Day Trips From Portland Tour Dates

Updated tour dates for “Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir.” Of course I”ll be schlepping “Day Trips From Portland: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler” too! Hope to see you out on the road! Also see Nestucca Spit Press Website Chance of Sun Book Tour List


Chance Of Sun Book Tour 2012

Date Time Place / Event City Address / Map
January 21 3:30 p.m. Good Earth Home, Living and Garden Show Eugene, OR 825 Columbia St., (map)Lane County Fairgrounds
February 11 2 PM Grass Roots Books & Music Corvallis, OR 227 SW 2nd. (map)
February 13 3:30 PM Linn-Benton Community College Albany, OR 97321 6500 Pacific Blvd. SW (map)
March 8 7 PM North Bend Public Library North Bend 1800 Sherman Ave. (map)
(541) 756-0400 ‎
April 20 6-10 PM Tualatin Country Club HomeWord Bound Tualatin, OR 97062 9145 SW Tualatin Road (map)

April 26                    3 – 5 p.m.           UO Bookstore                                         Eugene, OR

May 5                       10 a.m. – 2 p.m.   Atkinson Book and Author Fair     Oregon City, OR

July 14                 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.         Klindt”s Books       The Dalles, OR

August 30            evening – TBA            Nature of Words           Bend, OR


Past dates included Powell”s Books, Blackbird Wine Shop, Books By the Bay, The Book Parlor, The High Desert Museum, Garibaldi Historical Museum, and more.

“Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir”

From the website of the publisher,Nestucca Spit Press:

In her debut as an author, Kim Cooper Findling’s Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir, unfolds the story of an Oregon girl coming of age in the 1970s and 80s, navigating her way through pick-up trucks, dive bars, higher education and backwoods trails before finding a place she belongs.

Beginning with her best online casino childhood in Coos County, Findling relates a rural upbringing spent walking beaches and hiking in the woods with her forester father, attending summer camp just over the hill from the Oregon Country Fair, road-tripping to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival with schoolmates, and learning about the fickleness of love in campgrounds, beer joints and on the University of Oregon campus. Yet, following a move to Oregon’s biggest city after college, Findling lost her way and her connection to Oregon’s landscape, becoming caught up in the drugs and booze that flowed so freely in Portland’s restaurant scene. But it was Oregon that helped Findling find herself again later, this time on the east side of the mountains, where she found clarity in High Desert trails and a wide-open sky, as well as life’s most grounding phenomenon—love.

In 23 essays set over 20 years, Findling traces her own coming-of-age story against the beauty and complexity of the Oregon landscape. Nestucca Spit Press Publisher Matt Love writes,“In Chance of Sun, Kim Cooper Findling presents a fresh and distinct literary voice. I might even call it sexy. At long last we have a memoir by someone that captures the fantastically loose and earthy spirit of growing up in Oregon during the 1970s and 80s.”

Chance of Sun is available at:

Powell’s Books

Between the Covers Books, Bend

Ekahni Books, Manzanita

Paulina Springs Books, Sisters

Grass Roots Books, Corvallis

Annie Bloom’s Books, Portland

Broadway Books, Portland

The Book Parlor, Burns

Books By the Bay, North Bend

Multnomah County Libraries

Deschutes Public Libraries

“Day Trips From Portland: Getaway Ideas For the Local Traveler,” published by Globe Pequot Press, is available at,, and most book retailers. 

Day Trips from Portland, Oregon is your guide to hundreds of exciting things to do, see, and discover in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. This book is rich with tips on where to eat, shop and stop in dozens of cities within a two- to three-hour drive from Portland, including Astoria, Bend, McMinnville, Oregon City and many more. Don’t miss a thing, including world-class wineries, art galleries, historical sites, recreation destinations and restaurants. Find hidden gems, like an amusement park populated with elves and fairies, a beach made of black cobbles, the West’s only UFO festival, Oregon’s last drive-in movie theater, and a 28-foot tall concrete Bigfoot. Discover the lost art of a great day trip with Globe Pequot Press’s Day Trips From Portland,which includes full trip planning information, maps and directions. A great resource or gift for Portlanders, Oregon lovers, and wanderers alike.

Negotiation Lessons from the Very Young

Chicken Noodle lost her third tooth yesterday. Old hat at this tooth fairy business and growing more savvy by the moment at the ripe old age of six-and-a-half, last night at bedtime she crawled into bed, pencil and paper in hand, and jotted this note.







Daer tooth Fariy,

Can I still get muny if I don’t give you my tooth? just so you no I’m not going to give you my tooth. Also I have a note for signing by you. Love libby from libby”





Note the added touch of a contract for the fairy to endorse, ensuring that there would be no going back on this unique deal in the future.

I feel there are lessons to be learned here, especially since the Tooth Fairy not only left the tooth exactly where it was under Miss Noodle’s pillow, but also deposited two dollars and a nice personal note granting her wish. (The handwriting was familiar, eliciting vague memories of love notes once written to me by Captain Daddy. But that was a very long time ago, and I couldn’t be certain of the comparison.)

Might we all be asking a bit too little from our own personal universe of wish granting fairies? I will ponder this today as I figure out where to keep greying bits of toothy bone not carted off by the tooth fairy, that old softie.


Brasada Ranch / Travel Oregon

my take on the incredible awesome Brasada Ranch on mobile casino the Travel Oregon blog

“Chance of Sun” Reading at High Desert Museum Tomorrow

I’ll be reading from “Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir” at 2 p.m. at the High Desert Museum in Bend tomorrow. Would love to see you! I’ll have “Day Trips From Portland: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler” on hand too.









Happy New You, Repeat

Having kids was worth it just for what they bring to birthdays.










Undoubtedly the most online casino beautiful cake ever made, fingerprints, gigantic crater in the center, missing hunks and all.






Put “Happy New You” into the search engine on my home page to unearth a few more chicken-inspired birthday musings.

BendFilm 2011 in Quotes


BendFilm 2011 was amazing! As always, an incredible opportunity to meet and talk with creative people, connect with the community of Bend, see incredible films and have one heck of a good time.


Here are a few quotes from filmmakers and industry pros that I jotted down over the course of the weekend. I always find these folks to be inspirational and stimulating. Maybe it’s not too late for me to become a filmmaker…or at least a film writer…just so I can hang with this crowd more often.


On Inspiration


James Westby, Writer/Director of “Rid of Me” (winner: Best of the Northwest)

“My script came out of my own experiences going to my ex-wife’s friends’ houses on weekends and sitting in the corner playing with the dog.”


Chel White, Writer/Director of “Bucksville”

“The kernel came from a dream I had about a young man who was part of this secret society that conducted vigilante killings, who then learned he was on trial for his own life.”


Chris Brown, Writer/Director of “Fanny, Annie and Danny” (winner: Best Screenplay, Narrative)

“These characters just kept appearing in my mind. They wouldn’t casino go away, but I wasn’t sure what to do with them. And then I realized they were mother and daughter, and it just grew from there.”


Michael Knowles, Writer/Director of “East Fifth Bliss”

“What I am interested in is trying to find balance in life. I hope that by exploring this through fictional characters I might learn something about how to do it myself.”


On Structure


Dana Harris, Juror and Editor of IndieWire

“There have to be some bones to the house. You just don’t want anyone to see them.”


Chel White, Writer/Director of “Bucksville”

“Learn the rules before you break them”


On Craft


Michael Knowles, Writer/Director of “East Fifth Bliss”

“What I learned about myself was that I was trying to tell stories that showed people how smart I was. People don’t like that. I learned to just express myself in stories and share how I feel about life.”


Laura McGie, Writer of “Bucksville”

“I didn’t really believe this at first, but it really takes three to five scripts to hit your stride.”


On Dialogue

Dana Harris, Juror and Editor of IndieWire

“In our daily lives as we talk to each other, almost everything is communicated in subtext.”


Lisa Roberston, Writer/Director of “Commerce”

“People told me my script was too subtle, but I knew there was dialogue I didn’t need to use because of what I would get in performance.”


On Measuring Success

Sara Terry, Director of “Fambul Tok”

“I want to launch conversations. If I do that, then I’ve succeeded.”


Grant Baldwin, Writer/Director of “The Clean Bin Project” (winner: Best Conservation film)

“To us, success is if people watch our film go home and change their behavior.”


Thanks to everyone who made BendFilm 2011 so amazing. See you next year!


BendFilm – This Week – Films to See

Several people have asked me for recommendations for this weekend’s BendFilm Fest. As a screening committee member and board member, I’ve seen a bunch of the films in advance. It’s truly an incredible line-up this year! I am blown away by the quality.

I haven’t seen everything, so this list is by no means comprehensive, but here are a few of my favorites.

A Beginner’s Guide to Endings: Hilarious take on a bunch of brothers facing bucket lists. Great acting. Opening night film. Don’t miss it.

The Clean Bin Project: In this documentary, Grant and Jen take a subject that can come across as depressing and preachy—waste—and make it fun, interesting and inspiring. They’ll be at BendFilm, too!

The Dish and the Spoon: Sweet drama about the beauty, unpredictability and heartbreak of human connection. I loved this quiet, lovely film that still packs a lot of humor and tension.

Darwin: What a great documentary about life in a very small town that manages to end up being about life in general. Tremendous insight and compassion shined on the quirky lives of a few souls who live in Death Valley, CA.

How to Cheat: Opening shot is the lead character dancing naked in his back yard. Need I say more? Great story; heavy but insightful and ultimately even uplifting.

Rid of Me: I loved the 80s movie Heathers. Can’t get enough dark twisted smart character driven stories and this one is awesome. Filmed in Portland’s Multnomah Village, too, which some of you will recognize.

Some Guy Who Kills People: Another dark storyline—I love smart irony. Don’t be turned off by the title—this film has a sweet underbelly and a lovely twist at the end. Great writing, too, and the writer is coming to the fest. Can’t wait to meet him!

Wild Horse, Wild Ride: I am not a horse person; it doesn’t matter. This documentary is about people, purpose, hope, risk and loss. A great choice for kids, too.

There are many more but I’ll stop there! Can’t wait to see a few of you out there on the streets of downtown Bend for my very favorite festival ever.

Here’s what I wrote about BendFilm in my recently-released travel book, “Day Trips From Portland, Oregon: Getaway Ideas for the Local Traveler.”

“My very favorite festival by far is the BendFilm Fest, held the first weekend of October each year in Bend, Oregon. Four days of independent films, parties, workshops, lectures and the camaraderie of festival become more than the sum of their parts. This event brings people together to talk about the things great film can urge us to consider—the mysteries and joys of life, pain and joy and happiness, and the ways we are all alike and yet unique. Like all forms of great art, independent films can make us see anew the beauty and connection that is around us already. See for more information on the BendFilm Fest.”


Fall Fruits

This is what Captain Daddy brought home from his deer hunting trip over the weekend.

A far cry from what he normally delivers to my kitchen during October, which looks like this…

…and turns my house into a butcher shop/early-Halloween house of horrors/biohazard.



Have the blacktail deer been finding midlife strangely stagnant and attending floral arranging classes to spice things up? Was there a bouquet dispensary set up in a tree stand in south-central Oregon by a remorseful ex-hunter who thought he was willing to trade his wife for more weekends wearing camo until it actually happened? Is Jupiter in retrograde?

We may never know.

I’ll just enjoy these pleasant blooms and their lovely aroma while they last. The season of death, after all, ain’t over yet.

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