Baby Gaga

Possibly inspired by the creative vision that came with her new glasses from the eye doctor, the artist in residence makes a bold move towards a new artistic venture.

Oregon Dreamer: Don Kerr, in Travel Oregon



I was honored to profile Don Kerr of the High Desert Museum for the Oregon Dreamer feature in the Fall 2011 Travel Oregon magazine.


Some Days Are Like That

BendFilm Fest on Travel Oregon


Cinema, Connection, Conversation: BendFilm Fest Hits Town

One month from today, film lovers! I can’t wait.


Fame, Gigs, Interviews

“Chance of Sun: An Oregon Memoir” was #5 on Powell’s Pacific Northwest Books Bestsellers list!

Yesterday. Today it’s gone. Ah well. Fame – so fickle, so elusive, so uncontrollable. Just like love.

Still, if’ you’d like to head down to Powell’s and buy a copy or two, go for it! I could end up back on that list. I would also love it if a few of you who have read my book would add a comment on this Powell’s page. Or on Goodreads. Thank you in advance. 🙂

In the meantime, come and see me at the Garibaldi Historical Museum this Saturday at 2 p.m. 112 Garibaldi Ave. Garibaldi Oregon! I’ll be reading from Sun and signing both Sun and Day Trips From Portland.

And read this interview with me from Oregon Lithoprint. Mostly I comment on writing, which is something I’ve missed during the chasing-fame phase that has consumed my summer. The limelight rocks, don’t get me wrong, but I’m looking forward to fall, some cold mornings, the kids at school, and writing in my pajamas.

Happy holiday weekend!

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